We are Crowderia

We are a young and highly competent company filled with energy, innovation and people who share the same values.

We breathe the vision and mission every day which has an impact of what we do and how we do it.

Technical skills and experience is the platform for the services we deliver but it would not reach its potential heights without the soul and heart of the company.

Over ten years of outsourcing our own product development we learned a lot. Based on these lessons we created Crowderia. We have removed prestige and hierarchy in our teams.

We have mixed, merged and extracted the best from Swedish and Sri Lankan cultures. We believe that no questions are too stupid to ask and curiosity is a must.

Crowderia TECH

Our value words are TECH

We encourage TRANSPARENCY.

We want to have an EFFICIENT organization.

CREATIVITY is part of our daily work and will always be something we encourage and support.

Most important thing in our core values is HAPPINESS.


Join us and share our vision

To become the most innovative company in Sri Lanka by being the most sought after supplier to companies all over the world.


Join us and be part our team

Crowderia’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative solutions to our customers and provide a dynamic, challenging and enjoyable environment for our employees.

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