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With your own goals as a starting point, we help you find answers to how, why, when and where your company have the best possibility to reach your business goals within Digital Marketing.

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Our knowledege covers all digital communications and online marketing. This includes both Search Engine Optimization, Digital Advertising, as well as other services of a modern digital marketing agency.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is something that is close to our heart here at Crowderia.

Competitor Analysis

How are your competitors SEO and where are you in relation to each other in Google’s results lists?

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase sales, increase customer inquiries. Increase your business with CRO.

Digital Marketing Reports

Gain a competitive advantage and grow your business with reporting. Our Digital Marketing Reports give you the vital data you need.

Answers to Your Digital Marketing Questions.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Good search engine optimization is a simple way to new customers. Get your services and products visible on Google Search Engine Result Page.

Search Engine Optimization normally consists of

  1. Keyword Analysis & Mapping
  2. Website & Hosting Performance
  3. Relevant Content & Structure
  4. Link Strategy. Internal & External links.

Read more about Search Engine Optimization here.

What is a Competitor Analysis?

With the help of Competitive Analysis, you will get a better picture of how other companies in the industry work regarding their digital marketing & search engine optimization. Don’t follow. Take the lead on Digital Marketing!

Read more about how we do a Competitive Analysis.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion optimization (CRO) can be described as the heart of online marketing. A conversion means a conversion of acts of website visitors into active, revenue-generating activities such as product purchase, newsletter subscription or contact request.

Increase in sales, increase number of customer inquiries, email subscriptions and other things that gives value to the business. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a must for any business.

Typical CRO Elements we look into 

  1. Page Speed
  2. Structure of the page
  3. Use of content
  4. Purchase completion

Read more about Conversion Rate Optimization here.

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