Crowderia Story

Our journey started in 2003

Back in 2003, we were helping global companies in the high-tech and service sector with process management, primarily for strategies, product management and logistics. The main challenge we faced was the lack of suitable IT-tools. We needed to change this, and started developing our own tools.

We wanted to create useful tools for efficient information management within and between business partners. Our dream was to create solutions that would make our customers fly.


Creating Specific IT Applications For Complex Logistics.

We created a platform for efficient handling of complex logistics in the Telco sector. By using our expertise in the Telecommunications field we helped many companies to create game-changing processes and tools. The development and implementation of a well crafted application capable of connecting many actors and organizing the flow of information was the main key enabler for creating order out of chaos in these complex scenarios.

Started Operation as An Outsourcing Partner.


In 2010 we began to take on more contracts as an outsourcing partner for some global companies – helping out with the logistics. To be able to do this we developed our platform further, to encompass also Warehouse and Transportation management.

Designing our core processes around the ability to efficiently manage information was the differentiation that made us successful.


Started CrowdLogistics

We wanted to make our processes and tools available also for the SME:s and emerging online market, so we decided to pack it all in a new application – CrowdLogistics. This required funds and focus, and therefore we divested our Physical Logistics Operation.

Now we established a project-center in an office apartment in Uppsala, and the guys that would later become our core team stayed with us and together we drew up the road-map for CrowdLogistics.


Expanded The Sri Lankan Operation & Took On More External IT Projects

When the word spread in our network that we had established an IT development center in Sri Lanka, we were asked to take on external projects. After taking on external IT-projects we realised we had got most things right, but there were room for improvement. Now we went into establishing good practices for this.


Established The Fully-Owned Sri Lankan Operation

Now our external projects had become the majority of our business. We were still operating the local business as a partnership. We had quite some struggle to get properly organized and finally decided to set up a fully owned local operation. Being unified in the same company turned out to be a game-changer.

Now we could successfully implement company wide processes and further integrate the Swedish and Sri Lankan ways. We also strengthened our team in Mobile App development.


Moved Into New Offices In Nawala

We quickly outgrew our old offices and early 2015 we moved to our new office in Nawala. Here we have plenty of room for growth. Our house fits more than 30 people and accommodation for our guests  some of the employees. During the first half of the year we have taken on more external projects and our team has grown to over 20 members.


Expanded Into Gaming

In our Swedish operation we were already involved in the game development. With growing demands in 2015, we also expanded our Sri Lankan team with game developers.


We Exapnded Our Journey

we grew to over 50 people. More resources were allocated to our products and crowdlogistics



A Change in the Management

The Swedish Chairman of the company moved to Sri Lanka to assume the CEO position.


A Corporate Fission 

A corporate fission took place and the Sri Lankan company were split into three separate entities Crowderia, Grade5 and Chain X to make the different businesses more efficient and focused  



Our Journey Continues

Use us to help you create great things, or join us to create tjhings together with us.

We´re staying curious and strive to nurture innovation

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