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We develop your Business Software. Provide your business with innovative applications. We strengten your brand with Gamification. Testing your software and applications.

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Crowderia surpasses the service in the digital development industry

We’ve been working remotely as well as on-location for many years. We hire and maintain a skilled team of software engineers, software technicians to keep up with the growing demand in development.

We have developed various mobile app-based functionality for clients, including mobile SDK’s, Database Integrations, In-app purchases, Location-Based Services and Local Search, Mobile Commerce, E-learning management platforms and logistics software.

Digital Development Business & Marketing Services.

We’re your solid partner when it comes to building web applications and mobile apps. Our services range from simple websites to complex & advanced banking applications.

Web applications Development

C# .NET, ASP.NET PHP, JAVA, AngularJS, NodeJS, Python & Ruby.

Mobile App Development

Android, iOS, Windows, Cross-platform.

Software Development

System Development, System Integrations, Technical Systems Reviews.

Game Development, Virtual & Augmented Reality

Unity, Oculus Rift, ARCore, VR

Software Testing, User Testing & Quality Assurance

Visual Studio, Selenium, BugZilla, Jira

User interface & user experience design

User Interface Design, UI Development, Wireframes & Prototypes.

Web Development

WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Episerver, Umbraco & SharePoint.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, E-Mail Marketing.

IT Outsourcing & Offshore Partner

IT Outsourcing through Managed Services. Outsourcing Software Development.

Responsive & Fast Applications

We create web applications that are fast and responsive, delivering the best user experience & leading to higher engagement.

Scalable Applications

Built to handle scale and high traffic, our web apps process massive amounts of data with zero downtime.

Secure Applications

Using the latest encryption technologies and best coding practices, we ensure your application is secure against threats.

Other digital development solutions and services.

We provide any company & clients with Mobile App Development, Software Development, Testing & QA Services.

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