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We are your Nordic IT Outsourcing & Offshore Partner delivering the required services at the scale of your business needs.

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Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

We are your IT Outsourcing Partner & Offshore Development Company. Our offer is clear. We are your your outsourcing & offshore partner in software development, web applications and managed IT services.

Cultural compatibility Partnership

We make sure that our outsourcing partnership is more than compatible with your business with our international and Nordic mindset.

Matching your business objectives

We match your business aims and the business objectives as outsourcing partner.

We provides post development support.

We provide your organization with support services, after the completion of projects. To resolve any issue that might show after implementation.

How to Choose the Right IT Outsourcing Partner?

You need to ask yourself a couple of questions before choosing the right partner for the right project.

Define the final result & expectations

Choosing the right IT outsourcing partner is one of the most difficult tasks. When your business has to select a sourcing partner for IT, IT Enabled Services or BPO services. Define the final result & define the expectations of the outsourcing partnership.

Does your chosen outsourcing partner use the best in technology?

Do the IT Outsourcing company have experienced & qualified developers that efficiently and effectively handle your upcoming projects? Asking yourself some of these questions can help you choose the right outsourcing partner.

This list might help you to choose the the right Outsourcing Partner for your next IT development

  1. Ask for references.
  2. Check for proven track records.
  3. Find out your offshore partner’s business aims.
  4. Check for financial stability and good credentials.
  5. Check if your outsource partner culturally compatible.
  6. Ask your outsourcing partner for samples & prototypes.
  7. Ensure that your outsourcing partner is accessible.
  8. Is your outsourcing partner providing post development support.
  9. Check the outsourcing partner infrastructure and technology.
  10. Make sure that your business partner understands your organization

Digital Development Business & Marketing Services.

We’re your solid partner when it comes to building web applications and mobile apps. Our services range from simple websites to complex & advanced banking applications.

Web applications Development

C# .NET, ASP.NET PHP, JAVA, AngularJS, NodeJS, Python & Ruby.

Mobile App Development

Android, iOS, Windows, Cross-platform.

Software Development

System Development, System Integrations, Technical Systems Reviews.

Game Development, Virtual & Augmented Reality

Unity, Oculus Rift, ARCore, VR

Software Testing, User Testing & Quality Assurance

Visual Studio, Selenium, BugZilla, Jira

User interface & user experience design

User Interface Design, UI Development, Wireframes & Prototypes.

Web Development

WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Episerver, Umbraco & SharePoint.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, E-Mail Marketing.

IT Outsourcing & Offshore Partner

IT Outsourcing through Managed Services. Outsourcing Software Development.

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